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Vermact 12 Mg

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Vermact 12 Tablet  is an antiparasitic medication. It is used to treat parasitic infections of your intestinal tract, skin, and eyes.

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  • Vermact 12 Mg is a type of anti-parasitic drug. Doctors will recommend you take the pills only when you have symptoms of some form of parasitic infection.
  • Such a medicine contains a generic compound in the pill that you are using. The name of the generic drug substance is Ivermectin which is present in the amount of 12 mg in each medicine.
  • The drug manufacturer of the Vermact 12 Mg is Mankind Pharma Ltd. one of India’s most renowned drug manufacturing firms.
  • To use the Vermact 12 Mg pills you will need to get hold of a prescription from the doctor since it is a Schedule H medicine.
  • You will not be able to buy Vermact 12 Mg pills directly over the counter. Hence it is necessary to approach the doctors whenever you begin having the symptoms of a parasitic infection.
  • Not only will the doctors help you to get a prescription but recommend you with a suitable dosage guideline and also the safety recommendations to use it so that none of the side effects ever occur when using the medicines.

Where To Buy Vermact 12 Mg Online?

To buy vermact 12 mg online and to get the best offers you must check out a few different websites.

Only buy from the most trusted online pharmacies and make sure that the seller is always asking for your prescription before accepting your order.

What Is Vermact 12 Mg Used For?

  • Of course, the immediate use of the Vermact 12 Mg pills is to get a complete cure for the parasitic infection.
  • Most patients who have used the medicine earlier say that the pill is indeed quite effective in terms of curing the parasitic infection completely within a week or two.
  • None of the patients have complained of having any major or severe side effects. other than this some patients have also apprehended the long-lasting effects of the medicine.
  • Each dose of Vermact 12 Mg is enabled with a dose of 12 mg of Ivermectin which can last for nearly about 15 hours in your body.
  • But remember that the medicine can only have gradual effects on your body., You will need to keep using the medicine and eventually, after a week the positive results are visually appealing.

What Is The Mechanism Of Action Of Vermact 12 Mg?

Vermact 12 mg pills work by interfering with the most common metabolic functions of the parasites such that the most essential metabolic processes of the parasite are unable to complete. Eventually, the parasites would die.

How Does It Work?

  • After taking the pills continually for a few days generic Ivermectin becomes activated and allows itself to become effective against the malicious parasites.
  • It hinders the reproductive capabilities of the parasite such that it is not able to grow any further and affects other body parts.
  • Also, by creating a hostile environment it ensures that the parasites will eventually die.

How Long Does It Take For Vermact 12 Mg To Work?

After administering each medicine of vermact 12 mg it would take about an hour for the medicine to get effect.

We advise you to administer the pills each day and roughly the same time.

How Does Vermact 12 Mg Treat Nerve Disorders?

  • Vermact 12 mg is not the ideal medicine that would help you to cure nerve disorders. It is only effective in treating the parasitic infections.
  • It does not help cure other viral bacterial or even fungal infections. If you are suffering from any nerve disorders make sure to consult with the doctors and use an appropriate medicine.

How To Take Vermact 12 Mg Dosage

Each dose of the Vermact 12 Mg pills contains a 12 mg high dose of Ivermectin. generally to use such a dose your parasitic infection needs to be of a severe type.

If not and in case you use a high dose of Ivermectin unnecessarily it may end up causing side effects in your body.


After having the medicine do not indulge yourself in having alcohol or cocaine and other stuff. These substances may interact with Ivermectin causing side effects.

Missed Dose

Even you can’t afford to miss taking your dose. if you miss taking a lot of pills within a few weeks then the effects of the medicine will not stay consistent and hence there is a chance that you may not recover entirely from the infection.


Remember to take each pill within the day but not more than one.

It is best that you fix a certain time of the day to have the medicines.

Generally, the doctors recommend you take the pills before having the first meal of the day and on an empty stomach.

Who Should Not Take Vermact 12 Mg?

Those patients who don’t have any parasitic infection but rather have any viral or bacterial infection must use suitable medicines.

If you have ever used Ivermectin brands before and suffered from severe infections and allergies make sure not to use the medicine anymore.

Side Effects Of Vermact 12 Mg

  • Generally, the side effects of Vermact 12 Mg pills can only occur as mild variants of headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, fatigue, slight fever, mouth dryness, and so on.
  • But generally, if the side effects keep occurring for more than a few days you will need to get in touch with the doctors yet again.

Drug Interactions

Other bacterial or fungal infection-curing medicines may cause interactions that lead to side effects. Talk with your doctor if you are using any other medicines.

Storage Instructions

Storing the Vermact 12 Mg pills is safe away from your children in a concealed place that has less humidity and heat.

Warnings & Instructions

  • Be cautious that the use of the Vermact 12 Mg pills needs to be done only following a set of guidelines for your health safety.
  • It is necessary to consult with the doctors about the appropriate dose and avoid stopping the use of the pills until the entire course is completed.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol and other narcotic substances such as cocaine as these may end up causing side effects like headache, dizziness, and vomiting.
  • Pregnant females and those who are mothers to a newborn child will need to take additional precautions whenever using the pills.
  • It could be true that if your health does not permit the use of the pills the doctors will recommend an alternate way of curing the infections.


So, as you can see in this article, we have mentioned detailed information on the vermact 12 mg generic Ivermectin pills. Consult the doctor and follow their guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions Ask New Question
When To Use The Vermact 12 Mg Pills?

To use the Vermact 12 Mg pills you will need to be diagnosed with a form of parasitic infection that occurs in your stomach, intestines, and skin.

Is Vermact 12 Mg Safe For Those Having High Blood Pressure?

Generally, the doctors will recommend patients to use Vermact 12 Mg even when they have high blood pressure but under some additional guidelines to follow.

Is It Safe To Use Vermact 12 Mg With Liver And Kidney Disorders?

Generally, it is safe, but if your liver and kidney issues are extremely severe then it may not be safe as well.

Is Vermact 12 Mg Safe To Be Used In Children?

No one who is below the age of 18 is recommended to use the Vermact 12 Mg pills.

Should I Stop Using The Medicines If Side Effects Occur?

If and unless the side effects keep occurring for more than a week it is necessary to stop using the pills.

Can Alcohol Contraindicate With Vermact 12 Mg?

Alcohol has a chance of forming contraindications resulting in side effects with Vermact 12 Mg.


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