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How Can Masturbation Affect Erectile Function?

How Can Masturbation Affect Erectile Function?


A condition like ED affects our sexual life. Masturbation can disrupt a man’s intimate abilities.

It can disrupt his confidence and affect intimacy. Masturbation is important to control the different facets that may lead to such issues.

We do not want to depend on pills like Cenforce 100 mg from the onset.

What is masturbation

It is on this aspect that we must discuss how jerking off may prevent our sexual well-being.

We must find out if jerking off can act as a major cause of ED in men. This certainly will allow us to take effective steps in controlling such situations.

Can Masturbation Cause ED?

  • There are many doctors and clinics, you will see, who promote masturbation to prevent any unhealthy body development.
  • However, the opposite case is also true.
  • If done in a certain level jerking off does not cause much issue.
  • It will provide you with the pleasure you want.
  • It can prevent excitement, which is not good either. However, if done abruptly it can trigger issues.
  • There are different facets behind this that we must know about.

ED In Younger Men

  • There are multiple factors leading to younger men facing erection issues.
  • Such issues are increasing in men below the age of 30 years. Factors like stress are contributing to this as well.
  • Inadequate diet and improper sleeping routine are all contributing to this.
  • All these are leading to younger men developing erectile dysfunction.
  • This is making them depend on pills like sildenafil Cenforce 200 mg from a very early age.
  • It is also true that jerking off has played a role in contributing to this as well.
  • Prolonged jerking off is leading to certain issues that we also must discuss.
  • Watching adult explicit content online is not always good. It is leading to different issues that are leading to sex issues.

Erectile Dysfunction And Masturbation

  • A man usually masturbates when he feels that he is aroused by something.
  • Often lack of sexual experience in real life pushes men to do this. However, this thing can certainly turn into an addiction.
  • With jerking off, a man does not have to depend on any sexual partner.
  • He can find out any time of the day to satisfy his urges. This often leads to more sensitivity around your penis.
  • As you constantly touch yourself, you develop a sort of detachment from real sex experience.
  • A man usually masturbates watching porn.
  • We all know how different it is from the real sexual experience a person may get. Such things often lead to a wrong notion about sex.
  • Such people might not get the same arousal when it comes to real sex because of this. This leads to erection issues as well.

Can Masturbation Or Too Much Sex Cause ED?

  • Doing too much of anything certainly puts pressure on your body. Excessive workouts can put muscle strain. Similarly, too much sex can lead to some intimacy issues.
  • The issue may happen because of an injury. As you engage in too much sex, there is a chance of any muscle tear down near your private part.
  • It can also lead to blood vessel damage. All these can disrupt blood flow in your penis.
  • A similar thing can be noted about excessive jerking off.
  • Excessive jerking off certainly can lead to an internal injury even without us noticing. This can lead to ED.

Masturbation With ED Treatment

  • A person who is treating their erectile dysfunction may need to reduce doing certain actions.
  • In case of touching yourself down there, you have to control this. If you are doing this in a normal amount, there is no need to worry.
  • Doing such things once in 2 days is fine. However, you must ensure that you are not doing this beyond the limit.
  • If you do this in a certain manner and maintain a limit, it can help your body. We shall discuss them as well.

Benefits Of Masturbation In Men


  • If done properly common jerking off is beneficial for your penile health.
  • It certainly helps you to gain better knowledge about your own needs and sexual preferences.
  • It also helps you to control issues like stress and anxiety. After having a hectic day of work, you can certainly take some time and masturbate.
  • This will calm you down and help you focus on other things.

How To Prevent ED

  • There are endless factors that lead men to erectile dysfunction, which makes men dependent on Fildena 100 mg.
  • To prevent this properly, you need to fix your lifestyle. Stress and anxiety are the leading reasons for such issues. Controlling them can help.
  • It would help if you also fixed your overall lifestyle. Try to sleep properly so that your hormonal balance can be maintained.
  • This ensures better libido levels as well. This will also prevent issues like high BP. All this helps in preventing ED.

Risk Factors Of ED

Among the common risk factors, aging is one of them. However, younger men can develop this because of stress and anxiety.

A faulty lifestyle and poor diet can also influence this. Such things increase the risks of diseases that may affect erection.

Other Common ED And Masturbation Myths

There is a common myth, which exists that jerking off can increase the risks of ED. However, no medical science report has been able to prove this.

Some studies have shown how it may influence our intimate health if done poorly.

However, it still does not mean that the act itself is contributing to ED and major sex-related issues.

The Link Between Masturbation And ED

  • It is safe to establish that there is no direct link between them.
  • However, you have to ensure that you are not doing masturbation in excessive levels.
  • This can certainly contribute to injuries down there that may affect your erection ability.

Effects Of Masturbating On Erectile Dysfunction

Excessive levels of jerking certainly put on issues. It may lead to fatigue and tiredness that can affect your erection abilities.

It certainly can cause mental health issues as well if you continue to do this for a long time.

Side Effects Of Masturbation In Men

Side Effects of Masturbation Addiction

  • The usual side effects include the lack of arousal in doing this in real life.
  • It certainly can promote temporary fatigue and tiredness that will further affect intimacy.

Warning & Precautions

It is vital to do things like touching down yourself in a limit. Excessive jerking off can cause mental distress and affect your real-time actions. This can put stress on your real intimate relationship.


ED can happen for multiple reasons. Certainly, excessive jerking can affect this as well.

However, if you can balance this no major issue will happen. This will ensure you get pleasure and tackle issues like stress and anxiety.

Masturbation will also ensure that you are not getting reliant on pills like Vidalista 60 mg at the time when you have to have sex in real life.


✓ Are There Any Benefits Of Jerking Off?

If done properly, this will help you calm down and tackle issues like anxiety and stress.

✓ Can Regular Jerking Trigger Over-Sensitivity Of The Penis?

Yes, it can be. A penis, which becomes over-sensitive by this, may turn on very quickly. This can result in conditions like PE as well.

✓ Does Jerking Off Relax Your Body?

Jerking off can help a person calm down and relax from stress and workload pressure. It certainly relaxes the body as well.

✓ Does Masturbation Affect Sperm Count?

There is no link between these two. You can safely do this at a limit without expecting any fall in sperm count.

✓ Does ED Affect Your Health?

Erection issues do bring in lots of intimacy issues. It also puts pressure on your mind, which will lead to stress and anxiety. All these can lead to bad health.

✓ Can My Touching Improve Blood Flow In The Penis?

If done properly, this will also promote better blood flow in the penile region. This will ensure that more blood flow takes place, which will encourage better erection.

✓ What Are The Issues Of Excessive Jerking Off?

From sensitivity issues to increasing irritation, different factors may contribute to jerking leading to erection issues.