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Sildenafil Citrate


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10 tablets in 1 strip


25mg – 200mg

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6 To 15 days

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What is Malegra for ED?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual health issue that is escalating all over the world at a rapid pace. Innumerable younger and older men are going through erectile dysfunction. When a man is not able to get a hard-on, he feels frustrated and depressed. It is essential to get a firm erection for satisfied sex.

Many couples are dealing with unsatisfying sex life. The reason is that men go through various types of sexual problems. A firm erection is essential for sex. If a man does not get an erection or keep an erection, he is termed impotent. Impotence or erectile dysfunction can leave men in a frustrating situation.

Obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and heart disease are the factors that contribute to impotence. It is necessary to visit a healthcare professional at the earliest to get diagnosed and treated for the sexual problem. Healthcare professionals recommend erectile dysfunction patients have Malegra. When men suffer from impotence, they are recommended to take Malegra which treats erectile dysfunction.

Malegra is one of the well-known erectile dysfunction drugs which is designed to restore the function of erection in men. The main component of Malegra is Sildenafil Citrate which treats erectile dysfunction with ease. Malegra is a prescription medicine that you should buy from a local pharmacy or an online pharmacy.

What is the use?

The prime use of Malegra is to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Older or younger men who are not able to cure impotence are advised to have Malegra. When men are not able to retain an erection, doctors prescribe men consume Malegra.

When you have Malegra as per the prescribed dose, you can expect to get a hard-on within a short time. Moreover, you can also retain an erection for a long time.

What is the working method for Malegra?

Malegra has an important ingredient named Sildenafil Citrate which starts to function in men’s bodies. Sildenafil Citrate is an imperative ingredient that helps give men an erection as soon as they consume the medicine.

It is essential to know that Malegra belongs to the PDE5 inhibitor group which helps relax the muscles of the penis. The relaxed muscles of the penis help men get an erection. When the muscles and tissues of the penis are relaxed, they lead to the dilation of blood vessels which in turn boosts the flow of blood all over the penile region.

The circulation of blood in the genital area helps men keep and get an erection.

How to take it?

Make sure to consume a whole Malegra tablet with a glass of water. You should take a Malegra tablet right before you plan to engage in sexual activity. You should not break or chew the Malegra tablet which will not show any positive results on your health. Chewing or breaking a tablet of Malegra can decrease the effectiveness of the drug. If you take Malegra tablets properly, you will get your desired results.

Vidalista Dosage

As Malegra is a prescription-only drug, you can get Malegra in various doses, forms, and alternatives. You can take Malegra at any time of the day. The severity of side effects may vary from a person to person.

Therefore, you should talk to your healthcare provider about the duration and frequency of the treatment. As per your health condition, your healthcare practitioner will prescribe you a specific dose of Malegra. Make sure to consume Malegra on time.

Schedule a fixed time for Malegra to get positive results. Keep in mind to have the prescribed amount of Malegra tablets. It is best to consume one tablet of Malegra before you indulge in sexual intimacy.

Overdosing Malegra can be dangerous for men’s health. You should not consume more than one tablet of Malegra which can show negative effects on your body. Skipping a dose of Malegra will not work properly in your body.

Other Dose of Malegra

Advantages of ordering online from cenforcepillsusa

In the current times, a large number of men buy medicines from online pharmacies. If you want to buy Malegra, you should purchase the medicine from Cenforcepillsusa. It is one of the trusted and reputed online pharmacies which can provide you with the best and most authentic medicines at affordable costs.

You just have to order Malegra or your desired medicine from the mentioned online drugstore and pay the price of the drug online. Within a few hours, your desired medicines will be delivered to your destination.

Buying online tablets for Malegra in the USA

Purchasing Malegra tablets is quite easy these days. Order Malegra straight away from the reputed online drugstore and get your medicine delivered to your doorstep in just a few minutes. When you order Malegra online, you need to keep in mind to present the doctor’s prescription online.

Malegra Reviews

Before you make up your mind to have Malegra, it is best to check the reviews of the erectile dysfunction drug. Men who have ordered and used Malegra have posted positive reviews about Malegra. After taking the prescribed dose of Malegra for some months, men have started to enjoy their sex life. Malegra has proved to be an effective erectile dysfunction drug that can cure impotence.


If you are unable to get rid of erectile dysfunction, you should opt for Malegra tablets. Having Malegra tablets for a short duration can help you provide quick relief from erection issues.

Frequently asked questions

Is Malegra effective as Viagra?

Men who suffer from prolonged impotence are advised to take Malegra which is an effective erectile dysfunction drug. Malegra contains Sildenafil Citrate as an imperative compound that effectively treats erectile dysfunction.

It is important to know that Malegra is a prescribed drug that can be purchased from a local pharmacy or online drugstore.

Men who experience difficulty in keeping or getting an erection are recommended to have Malegra. Taking the dose of Malegra properly can help give you relief from erection issues. Sildenafil Citrate is an imperative ingredient that helps relax the blood vessels as well as the tissues of your penis, giving you an erection in no time.

Use in men with diabetes

Men who have diabetes and are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are not advised to take Malegra. High blood sugar patients should not have Malegra which can show adverse effects on men’s health.

Before you consume Malegra, it is best to talk to your healthcare provider, if you are a diabetic patient. Your healthcare practitioner will tell you whether taking Malegra will be safe for you or not.

Is Malegra a prescription medicine?

You should take Malegra only if you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Some men have Malegra even when they have no erection problems. It is essential to know that Malegra is a prescription medicine that should be consumed after consulting with a doctor.

You can procure Malegra from online pharmacies as well as from local drugstores. You need to show your doctor’s prescription when you are purchasing Malegra from an online pharmacy or a local pharmacy. Without a prescription, a drugstore dealer will not give you Malegra.

How Long Will The Effects Of Malegra Last?

Before you consume Malegra, it is important to know how long the drug will last in your body. After you consume Malegra, the effects of the erectile dysfunction drug will last up to 8 to 10 hours. After eight hours, the effectiveness of Malegra will start to diminish. The efficacy of Malegra depends on the intensity of the drug and how the medicine gets absorbed in your body.

Does Tadalafil Make You Last Longer?

As Tadalafil is an important ingredient in Malegra, the effective compound will make your penis erect for a couple of hours. You can be certain to have sexual satisfaction as you have an imperative Tadalafil ingredient. Tadalafil will give you a hard-on for a couple of hours which will help you enjoy sex.


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