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Testosterone Increases Size?


What Is Testosterone?

testosteroneTestosterone is one of the most important hormones that is present inside the male body. It is due to the presence of Anabolic hormones that we can differentiate men from women.

The most important functions of testosterone inside the male body include the development of manly features such as the growth of muscles, beards, pubic hair, mustache, deepening of voice, and so on.

Testosterone also plays a crucial role in the formation and production of male semen cells inside the prostate glands.

It is during puberty that boys generally have a rush of testosterone leading to some of the physical changes as we have mentioned above.

What Does It Mean To Have Low Testosterone Or Low T?

To have low testosterone means that your body has low quantities of testosterone levels in your blood.

But what are the normal testosterone levels in men? According to the medical world and doctors, the levels of 300 to 1000 nanograms per decilitre of Anabolic hormones present in blood or 10 to 35 nanomoles per liter are considered normal levels.

If you have low testosterone in your blood then these demarcated levels certainly there is a low testosterone issue.

Low Testosterone Tests And Testing — Diagnosing Low T

For diagnosing low T hormones the doctors may usually recommend you to undergo blood tests, urine tests, and so on.

Usually, they will also speak with you to find out any symptoms that you may have that indicate that you have low T levels.

Usually in men who have Anabolic hormone levels, achieving a strong and hard erection could also be challenging. It is due to this that men would need to use medicines such as Sildenafil 200 mg.

How Does Testosterone Affect Sexual Desire?

  • It is generally found that those men who have low testosterone could also have a low sexual desire or a low libido issue.
  • Doctors clarify that since testosterone hormone directly influences a man’s sexual traits and sexual response having low T could have chances to cause low T levels.
  • Low T levels, cause a hormonal imbalance in your body that may even affect the brain to cause depression and anxiety. It is due to this that men having low testosterone levels can have a low sexual drive or lack of interest in having sex.

Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone

There are some very highly recommended natural methods to boost Anabolic hormones.

Natural ways to boost Testosterone

Doctors generally recommend a mix of healthy diet, exercises, yoga, and healthy lifestyle maintenance such as avoiding the use of alcohol, and narcotic drugs, getting proper sleep, and so on.

Changes From Low Testosterone

  • Usually, the natural changes as we have explained above will take some time to cause relative effects and seeming changes in your body.
  • You will be able to find out the appreciating levels of T and Anabolic hormones levels back again by following these techniques for a long time.
  • You may see a direct impact through the growth of muscles, growth of pubic and body hair, and so on.

How Do I Know If My Testosterone Levels Are Low?

Usually, for a man who is suffering from low T levels, there can be many symptoms indicating this issue.

Some of the most common symptoms include having Some ways to increase testosterone levels naturally loss of weight, growth of muscles, loss of body and pubic hair, scalp hair loss, aging of hair, and psychological behavioral changes such as agitation, sudden loss of temper, and so on.

Generally, such symptoms can also indicate that you are suffering from other disorders such as ED that would need medicines like Cenforce 150 mg to get cured.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Increase Penis Size?

For those men who are suffering from low testosterone may have a shrinking penis. Some studies indicate that low T levels hinder the capability of having sex and thus result in smaller penis sizes in men.

Although this is not evident, you can certainly do a few things to increase your penis size.

One of the most simple suggestions is to use medicines such as Fildena 150 mg that will help you to get a hard erection increasing the size of your penis.

Other than this, you can also take medicines that directly help you to boost your penis size. Remember to consult with a doctor before using any of these medicines.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

Having low Anabolic hormones can bring out some of the symptoms. Let us try to find out why they occur and how can you detect these symptoms quickly.

Problems With Erections

Those men who have low T would certainly have a problem with achieving a strong and hard erection. Low testosterone reduces your sexual drive causing stress and anxiety.

Low T can also impact the ability of erections by hampering direct erection trouble. Men may suffer from ED issues as a result and may need to use medicines such as Cenforce 200 mg.

Reduction In Testicle Size

Those men who have low T could have a reduced testicle size. Although it is not an evident or major symptom most scientists have found that it is an early indication of the disorder.

As low T levels reduce the amount of semen production and healthy sperm cells certainly this can be one of the symptoms.

Reduction In The Amount Of Semen

As we told you above as well, one of the major functions of testosterone is to boost the production of semen in the prostate glands.

But with low amounts of the hormone certainly the production of semen would take a hit.

Difficulty Sleeping

Men having low T levels can Have difficulty sleeping. This is generally one of the symptoms but scientists believe that the hormonal imbalance leads to suffering from stress and anxiety due to which sleep issues can crop in as well.

Changes In Mood Or Mood Swings

Having low T can cause mood swings too. Generally, you may find behavioral changes inside yourself such as a loss of temper quickly, sudden mood swings, agitation, confusion, and a lack of making bold decisions.

The Role Of The Hormone Testosterone In Male Puberty

During the age of puberty, there is a sudden increase in the production of testosterone.

This results in bringing out the manly changes such as the growth of a mustache and beard, growth of muscles, increase in physical height, deepening of the voice, and so on.

Treatment Of Low Testosterone

Generally, for the treatment of low testosterone levels, doctors will recommend various treatment methods such as recommending a suitable health supplement, recommending a suitable diet, following healthy lifestyle routines, and so on.

Other than this they may recommend you to use medicines that contain precursors to increase testosterone levels. For those men who are suffering from critically low hypogonadism issues the doctors may recommend other therapies such as TRT.

Symptoms Of Hypogonadism

As we have told you above already symptoms of hypogonadism include changes in sleep, loss of body hair, loss in appetite, and weight, aging of hair, mood changes, and so on.

Testosterone Therapy Risks

Some of the risks of having testosterone therapy include sleep apnea, acne, benign prostatic hyperplasia, enlargement of breasts in males, less production of RBCs, and so on.


Generally, those men who are suffering from other disorders such as sleep disorders, heart issues, and liver and kidney ailments can have some contraindications to their health.

Risks To Women And Children

Women and children are never recommended to undergo Anabolic hormone therapy. It is only recommended for adult males above 18 years.


So, as you can see in this article we have deeply analyzed the issues of low testosterone hormone in men and how it can affect your penis size. Most men having low T symptoms would need to use medicines like Fildena 150 mg.


Can Natural Ways Help In Boosting Anabolic Hormones?

Yes, natural ways of boosting Anabolic hormones can help a lot providing consistent results in the long run.

How To Choose A Health Supplement For Boosting Testosterone?

You will need to get in touch with a doctor to use a health supplement that is suitable for your health.

Can Low Testosterone Affect Erection Quality?

Yes, it is probably true that having low T can affect your erection capabilities.